What are Projects inside Disbug

What are Projects inside Disbug

Project is a main container for all the issues. All the access levels, issue tracker integrations for your websites are managed on the project level.

Although you can submit an issue without the project, it is recommended to create a project before posting the issue.

You can configure the issue tracker for each project in Disbug. So that whenever you create an issue under each project, it will be automatically posted to the pre-configured issue trackers along with the technical logs required to debug the issue.   

Adding Issue Tracker to the project

While creating the project, first screen will ask you what is your favourite issue tracker. 

Currently Disbug supports the following Issue trackers.
  1. Jira
  2. Trello
  3. Github
  4. Gitlab
  5. Slack
Choose your preferred one and click Next. From the next screen, you will see the instructions to integrate your preferred issue tracker. Currently you cannot add the issue tracker after creating the project. 

Adding users to your project:

You can add user to the project while creating the project. The last step in creating the project is adding users to the project. You can also skip this step and add user later on by going to the project edit page. 
Users you invite under the projects you own will be counted for billing under your account. 

Creating issue without project:
The only time you should submit issues without project is when you are reporting bugs to the support team of a third party website.  The issues you submit without projects will be public and is visible to any Disbug user who has a link to that issue. 
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