Reporting the issue using Disbug Chrome Extension

Reporting the issue using Disbug Chrome Extension

Before starting to report an issue using Disbug Chrome extension, you must be logged in to the website in the window which you are going to use the extension.

Click the Disbug extension in the address bar, and you will see the popup window similar to this 
Disbug chrome extension

This popup is the starting point of reporting the bugs. You can either choose to report the bug with screenshot or report the bug with the screen recording. 

Reporting bug with Screen recording:

While recording the screen, you can optionally narrate the bug using audio or video or both.
You can turn mic or camera off by clicking the Mic icon and Camera icon and Selecting Disable Camera/Mic in the dropdown that appears. Once you disable, the icons will turn to grey. 

Screen recording toolbar:
Once you click Start Recording, you will see the recording toolbar popup in the left bottom corner. 

The toolbar contains various options that can be used for annotating the screen.
The buttons include
- Focusing the mouse pointers
- Annotation tools to draw over screen
- Toggle web camera recording
- Toggle Microphone audio
- Toggle system audio
- Screen recording settings.

Once you stop the recording, you will be taken to the report page, where you have to fill-up the details of the tab. 

Reporting bug with Screenshot:

If you want to report the bug with screenshot, you can alternatively choose the screenshot option in the popup. This will immediately capture the screenshot of the current tab and open the report page where you will have to report the details of the bug.

Report page

In this page, you will have to fill up all the details  of the bug such as Project, Title and Description. Once you filled up these details, you can submit the issue.
On submitting, Disbug will automatically upload the bug into your pre-configured issue tracker along with the attachments.

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