Improve your bug-reporting workflow in Jira

If you are creating a software or websites, everyone knows that bugs are a common occurrence. But the team needs to have an efficient way to identify, and report bugs that developer understands easily.

Jira is an amazing tool that is used by thousands of software development teams across the world. However Jira is not designed to report bugs. It is a generic software that is designed for project management. QA team have to type large description and steps to reproduce to explain the bug. 

This is going to be their regular bug-reporting workflow. screenshot, screencast, photoshop/paint to annotate the bugs, open jira. 
  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Crop/Annotate the screenshot using paint/photoshop
  3. Capture screen-recording if required
  4. Capture HAR logs (for some advanced technical logs)
  5. Open jira
  6. Create new issue -> Write title, description, steps to reproduce etc.
  7. Submit the issue
That is the exact reason why we invented Disbug.io the best way to create descriptive bug reports. Using Disbug.io will automatically do it for you with a single click of a button.

How to integrate Disbug with Jira? 
  1. Signup with Disbug. 
  2. Once you signup, you will be automatically redirected to create new project.
  3. Choose Jira as your preferred project management tool
  4. In the next screen you will see the instructions on how to integrate with jira.
  5. Fill the form and click submit.
  6. Next screen will list all the projects you have in jira. Select the project and click Next
  7. In the next step invite your team members using email.
Now that Jira is integrated, whenever you create an issue in Disbug, it will be automatically posted to Jira.